November 21, 2003
CTI Improves Cyclotron Ring Production with forging process.png
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CTI Improves Cyclotron Ring Production with Forging Process

CTI Molecular Imaging (Knoxville, TN), in a joint effort with Scot Forge recently converting a cast component to a forging in the production of steel rings and hubs for its Eclipse Cyclotrons.
August 18, 2003
Forging Helps Preserve Maritime History.png
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Forgings Help Preserve Maritime History

An 8-ton forged master cylinder, with a forged piston and end caps, helped relocate the historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The cylinder was used in the largest U.S.-built jack to save the 208-foot beacon — the world's tallest brick lighthouse — from an eroding shore.
May 16, 2003
Raising the roof in a fault zone.png
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Raising the Roof in a Fault Zone

Massive, forged shock-absorbing dampers lend earthquake protection to Latin America's tallest tower. Scot Forge produced the parts to make it happen.
April 4, 2003
Steel bars combine forging and rolling.png
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Steel Bars Combine Forging and Rolling

Scot Forge’s Tartan Bars feature a fully consolidated forged center, and a surface that is finished by multiple-pass rolling.Combining forging and rolling cuts press time in half; produces short runs in short order.