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Forgings To Repair Structurally Deficient Movable Bridges

Often, the maintenance and performance monitoring of movable bridges is more critical than fixed bridges, given the dual service role and the potential for deterioration and other problems with the integrated systems essential for ensuring their operation and safety. 

At Scot Forge, we know forgings are the perfect choice for many movable bridge components, delivering the high-structural strength required for safe passage of vehicles and vessels.  With our decades of experience and technically trained sales team, you can rethink historical design to provide safe transit for decades to come.

Movable Bridges

Each movable bridge has specialized features and unique mechanisms for movement. The most common movable bridges and their displacements types are:

  • Bascule Bridge (Trunnion)
  • Rolling Lift Bascule Bridge (Rolling Lift)
  • Swing Bridge
  • Retractile Bridge
  • Vertical Lift Bridge

A movable bridge, or moveable bridge, sometimes known as a drawbridge, is a bridge located on a navigable waterway that can temporarily move one or two spans to increase vertical clearance for vessels or traffic to pass underneath. Movable bridges help lower infrastructure costs by limiting high piers and long approaches. However, they have the principal disadvantage of traffic on the bridge is stopped when it is open for traffic passage underneath. Movable bridges may be located in marine environments, snow and ice zones, and carry heavy traffic loads.

Forged Parts For Movable Bridges

  • Shafts: Pinions, trunnions, floating shafts, crankshafts, tower sheave shafts, rope shafts, gudgeon pin, strut pin, link pin, diagonal fin 
  • Flats: Curved or flat racks, tracks and treads, lock bars (we can transition between round and rectangular cross-sections), receiving sockets, receiving shoes, guide housings
  • Rings: Ring gear, hex sleeves and hex jam nuts, gudgeon collars 
  • Hubs: Sheave hub, trunnion hub, winch hub, pintles 
  • Torch Cut: Clevis, gudgeon links

Organizations like the Army Corps of Engineers work to mitigate section loss in the bridge's structural components. Natural deterioration such as corrosion can lead to misalignment, bending or deformation in lock switches, open gears, and the electrical systems found on movable bridges. Additionally, heavy loads and thermal expansion effects can lead to malfunctions in the operation of the bridge.


Extensive Inventory and Forging Expertise

At Scot Forge, our extensive material inventory, production capabilities and experienced technical support combine to help meet your most demanding requirements. Our technically trained account managers possess experience working to ASTM A668, ASTM A291 and other various AREMA, AASHTO and DOT requirements. We understand the importance of short lead times and breakdown services, too.


Reasons To Choose Scot Forge

Fast Delivery and Breakdown Services

At Scot Forge, we understand the importance of on-time delivery. In critical circumstances, reduced lead times can be offered for breakdown and emergency orders in need of immediate production response.

A Vast Inventory of Materials

We maintain an extensive inventory of ferrous and non-ferrous materials commonly used for infrastructure applications. Along with our ability to certify grades of ASTM A291 and ASTM A668, this ready inventory eliminates many of the delays associated with order processing, allowing for shorter lead times and quick reaction to market changes.

Flexible Sizes, Shapes and Quantities

No matter the grade of material or shape and size of the part, our facilities are designed to support both single-piece and high-volume manufacturing. Whether you need trunnions, pinions or rack/track segments, we will expertly certify your order under our accredited Quality Assurance Program.

Technical Services

Our technically trained staff, backed by our metallurgical engineers and forging experts, can lend our experience and ensure delivery reliability. Our team has a complete understanding of DOT, Army Corps of Engineers and civil engineering specifications.

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Scot Forge Difference

At Scot Forge, we know the importance of getting your parts on-time, as expected. However, for customers new to procuring forgings, ordering a forging that will meet all specifications for end-use applications may be a challenge, which is why finding a trusted supplier and partner is essential. Our employee-owners are here to ensure your project stays on track with our forgings by offering:

Pro Tip - Did you know near-net shapes can save you time and money? Oftentimes, a customer calls to order a disc, which they will later machine down to a more shaped part. By working with our technically trained sales team you can get as close to your finished product shape as possible to optimize your production process. 

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