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January 22, 2019

Partnering With Valued Customers

Scot Forge is proud to provide high-quality solutions to our customers and always exceeding customer expectations!

At Scot Forge, our goal is to exceed customer expectations with every conversation we have, order we process and product we forge. We aim to build long lasting relationships with all of our customers to show each of them they are valued and placed in the capable hands of our dedicated employee owners.

Scot Forge was presented with a case to select material based on certain properties the customer requested for ram blocks that go into blowout preventers. Blowout preventers are vitally important in controlling wells and preventing another oil spill incident such as the one that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Scot Forge was able to partner with our customer on the metallurgy side of the problem to create a viable solution. Our inside and outside sales teams, along with our forge development team, worked hand in hand with our customer to determine the material needed for this project.

As Forged Bull Gear
Figure Machined Bull Gear

The ram blocks Scot Forge produced are shear rams, which are used to cut the drill pipe. The image above to the left shows where the shear rams go within the blowout preventer. The picture above to the right highlights why the ram blocks are so crucial in blowout preventers. The blowout preventer is critical in sealing, controlling and monitoring subsea wells in order to prevent blowouts; making it one of the most critical safety components in the whole operation. To ensure it works properly, every piece of the design must work without fail.

Scot Forge takes pride in collaborating with our customers to tackle their challenges. By working together and improving on old methods or materials, we can create an optimal solution.