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Material Availability

Enhance your supply chain with the on-hand material availability of Scot Forge. Your components are forged with U.S. sourced material in grades ranging from basic carbon and low alloy steel or stainless steel to unique chemistry and remelt grades and everything in between. As a result, you will experience shorter lead times allowing for quicker reactions to market changes.

You can work with a partner who not only carries an extensive inventory of raw material but can acquire remelt material such as VAR and ESR ingots. In addition, if you require specialized, innovative metal chemistry or processing solutions, we can help you meet your demanding requirements.


The images below are material test specimens captured by our in-house team of Metallurgists, in our state-of-the-art Met Lab. 

Verified and Tested

We verify 100 percent of incoming material using x-ray fluorescence or an XRF gun.  We run optical emission spectroscopy (OES) in the lab on test samples taken from forged products.  Many of our grades are routinely tested to strict cleanliness requirements, such as aircraft and bearing quality standards, and are stocked pre-qualified to allow for shorter lead times to the market. 

Supplier Relationships: The nation's largest purchaser of bottom-poured ingots

Scot Forge holds strong partnerships with globally recognized melt facilities, supplying the strongest, cleanest materials available in the world. These shops’ diverse capabilities allow us to offer custom-melt materials uniquely suited to your application. VAR and ESR capabilities are readily available.

Technical Assistance

Our value engineering teams and on-site staff of metallurgists assist customers with the selection and use of specialty materials for applications requiring high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and high conductivity. 

Brinell & Alloy Charts

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