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Students Gain Real-World Experience While Getting Paid

Whether you are a student in high school, attending a technical college or studying at a 4-year university, gaining real-world experience helps you in a career. At Scot Forge, our high school and college interns not only receive this experience but also gain an hourly wage – letting you earn income while learning about the manufacturing industry first-hand.

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What is a Scot Forge Apprentice or Internship?

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High School Internships

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Our Student Learner Program is a high school internship allowing high school students to experience a "hands-on" approach to learning in various manufacturing disciplines. As a part of this program, students have the opportunity to learn valuable knowledge in the industrial fields while working in a professional, modern production facility. With flexible hours to accommodate school and extra-curricular activities, this program is intended for students interested in pursuing a career in the manufacturing field and gaining technical skills.


College Internships

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Scot Forge internships allow college students to apply their education and degree in a professional environment. Interns in our shop and office receive real-world experience, mentorship, personal development opportunities and much more. The projects assigned to our interns are designed to include group and individual work to help prepare students for what post-school life entails - supplied through a competitive wage and strong in-person environment in both shop and office settings.



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Scot Forge apprenticeships give students enrolled in a technical study program the opportunity to work part-time or full-time toward a certification in their field of study. Partnering with local colleges that are accredited by the Department of Labor, we offer apprenticeships in disciplines such as engineering, machining, maintenance and more. Much like the college internships, apprentices will receive structured on-the-job training, mentorship, personal development opportunities and many more life-long skills.

Ways we keep each other safe:
SafeStart Program

This program combines knowledge and practical ways to stay vigilant and avoid risk all day, every day, anywhere.  It includes looking out for each other and making safety everyone's responsibility.

Hardhat Color

Our three locations have designated helmet colors representing new hires, interns and visitors, which help identify those who may need additional guidance throughout shop floors. This is just another reminder for us to keep an extra eye on them, as they may not be as familiar with their surroundings.

24/7 Safety

The first line of emergency at Scot Forge is each other. We know some situations require immediate response, so we actively train a group of volunteer employee-owners called First Responders. This highly trained group is CPR-certified and trained to be proactive in any emergency.

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Scot Forge Company is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and welcomes all qualified applicants.