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Ensuring National Security & Supporting the AUKUS Agreement

A robust and self-sufficient industrial base is paramount to supporting the needs of the nation, and at Scot Forge, we have the capacity to serve the Navy's aggressive build schedule as that need increases. 

We are a leader in the forging industry and a critical supplier to the Department of Defense (DoD); we know that ensuring the available capacity to support the future needs of the DoD and its collaborative efforts with allies is critical.

The Power of Forge Capacity

Scot Forge has the ability to scale quickly, expanding our current forge capacity 10X to meet the needs of the DoD. This is a huge advantage for U.S. manufacturing as the nation continues to invest in and advance its industrial base, helping the U.S. meet the Department of Defense's needs and contribute to its allies' collective security on the global stage.

Investing in the Future

Recognizing the importance of forge capacity, Scot Forge continues to invest in facilities, research, development and innovation within the industrial sector. Our ongoing efforts focus on enhancing manufacturing techniques, advancing materials science and fostering a skilled workforce. These investments not only ensure the sustainability of the defense industrial base but also contribute to economic growth and technological leadership.

Forgings For National Security


   Tank Forged Rings      

AUKUS Agreement & Collaborative Strength

Virginia Class SubThe AUKUS agreement, comprising the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, represents a groundbreaking collaboration in defense and security. Central to this alliance is the sharing of technological expertise and manufacturing capabilities. The U.S.'s forging capacity becomes a key asset, enabling the production of cutting-edge defense technologies that benefit all three nations. This collaboration strengthens the collective defense capabilities of the AUKUS partners, fostering a more secure geopolitical landscape.

Strategic Implications

The strategic implications of a robust forge capacity extend beyond domestic security. By meeting the defense needs of both the U.S. and its allies, the nation establishes itself as a reliable partner in global security initiatives. This not only enhances diplomatic relations but also reinforces the United States’ role as a stabilizing force in international affairs.

Forging and Beyond

Forging just scratches the surface of what our nation needs to maintain defense capabilities.
We have also made significant investments toward increasing our downstream complementary processes, such as:

  • Heat Treatment
  • Machining
  • Destructive Testing
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Forging + Additive