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August 23, 2018

Scot Forge celebrates 125 years of Forging Excellence!

Scot Forge is celebrating a big year this year. Our people are what made our 125th birthday and 40th anniversary as being an employee-owned company possible.

2018 is a big year for Scot Forge: we are celebrating our 125th birthday and 40th anniversary as an employee-owned company. Find out what these milestones mean to us!

125 years of Scot Forge shows more than just our longevity; it’s a testimony to our people who make Scot Forge successful. Our company was built on hard work, unselfish leadership, and a few other core values which have become ingrained in each and every employee-owner. These values have been there from the very beginning, influencing the building blocks of our people, investments and innovation. Our employee owners strive to build a reputation of integrity through honesty, which serves as a solid foundation for Scot Forge. Pete (Spike) Georgeson, the ESOP founder and past owner of Scot Forge, set the company goal of honesty: operate our business with integrity to customers, employees, and vendors, and maintain the highest standards of quality available in our industry.

40 years ago, Scot Forge became 100% employee-owned through an employee stock-ownership program, making our work personal. Scot Forge values our customers’ experience, which is why our employee-owners strive to make doing business with Scot Forge as simple as possible throughout all parts of our business, from pre-to post-purchase. Internally, Scot Forge continually looks for ways to protect the interests of our employee-owners through efforts that are intended to translate into healthy retirement funds. We are passionate about putting people first so we can create the best possible experience for our customers and employees alike.