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Aerospace Forging Services, When Failure Is Not An Option

We understand the unique requirements of flight, atmosphere exit/entry and space. Our Scot Forge Aerospace Services Team is a specialized group of cross-functional specialists who know your product, specifications and materials. Our experts provide world-class project management from initial contact and design collaboration to part certification and delivery, ensuring a seamless process.

You can count on Scot Forge to deliver critical forged metal solutions from rocket bulkheads and engine-attach rings on jet aircraft to the wheels of NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover and everything in between. 


Forged Parts for Aerospace

We have invested in both the raw material and technical expertise to provide components you can count on. Scot Forge has a variety of aircraft quality ferrous and nonferrous materials on hand, including AMS 2301, AMS 2304 and Inconel 718. No matter what forged part you need for your aerospace application, such as aerospace fittings forgings, Scot Forge has you covered

  • Rockets, Structural: Adapter structures, bulkheads, payload adapters, separation rings, barrels, cones, ESPA rings, y-rings, rideshare structures, 5.5m rings, 8.4m ring segments
  • Rockets, Propulsion: Closures, chamber forgings, liners, domes, nozzles, thrust cones, fuel sumps
  • Capsule / ISS: Bulkheads, tunnels, LIDS adapters, deck forgings, docking adapters
  • Commercial Spacecraft: Flanges, valves, injector plates, case forgings, interfaces, liners, thrust cones
  • Missiles: Cylinders, case forgings, frustums, interstage forgings, nozzles, shells, shrouds, cones, tubes
  • Aircraft, Fixed-Wing: Inlet attach rings, engine attach rings, adapters, bellmouth adapters, brake calipers, turbine cases, column structures, pylons, inlet case assemblies, propeller hubs, inlet adapters, landing gear axles, landing gear cylinders, landing gear drag braces, transmission ring gears
  • Aircraft, Rotorcraft: Planetary gear forgings, swashplates, transmission forgings, transmission ring gears
Aerospace - Payload Adapter Forging
Aerospace - Propeller Hub Forging
Aerospace - Engine Liner Forging
Aerospace - Nose Cone Forging
Aerospace - Fan Casting Forging

Reasons To Choose Scot Forge

Dedicated technical expertise

We understand your need for a supplier with expert knowledge of flight, space and industry requirements. Our Scot Forge Aerospace Services Team offers design collaboration and is ready to assist you in overcoming your design challenges while achieving program objectives with clear communications on everything from order status to milestone achievements.

First article development capabilities

At Scot Forge, we excel at managing developmental projects. Our thorough contract review, risk assessment and advanced planning and scheduling ensure reliable execution on every order. Consider us an extension of your own program team.

Ongoing requirements reliability

We constantly monitor the progress of production orders to provide the highest level of delivery reliability. From challenging, mission-specific hardware to full-scale production runs, we've got you covered.

Flexible sizes, shapes and quantities

Our facilities are designed to support both single-piece and high-volume manufacturing. A state-of-the-art ring stretcher and drop bottom furnace can provide rolled rings up to 252" diameter. From hand-held components to ultra-large forgings, Scot Forge is the answer.


Certified to AS9100D, and Nadcap for NDE and heat treat, we can provide virtually any custom open die or rolled ring forging. Additionally, we hold special process approvals from many of the world's premier aerospace companies.

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Scot Forge Difference

At Scot Forge, we know the importance of getting your parts on-time, as expected. However, for customers new to procuring forgings, ordering a forging that will meet all specifications for end-use applications may be a challenge, which is why finding a trusted supplier and partner is essential. Our employee-owners are here to ensure your project stays on track with our forgings by offering:

Pro Tip - Did you know near-net shapes can save you time and money? Oftentimes, a customer calls to order a disc, which they will later machine down to a more shaped part. By working with our technically trained sales team you can get as close to your finished product shape as possible to optimize your production process. 

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