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Custom Forging Solutions

Achieve your custom forging goals with a Scot Forge expert consultation. Your team knows the desired result, and ours helps get you there. You can design with confidence harnessing our years of experience coupled with industry-leading technology through collaboration and partnership.

Meet your demanding product requirements while cutting time, costs and material waste with our customized solutions.


Why Forging?

From making components to how to request a quote for a forging, we have a Forging 101 to help you discover all you need to know!

Forge Consultation & Forge Engineering

From computer simulation to reviewing specifications and optimizing part design, our team will partner with you to deliver a strategy to successfully complete your project.

Casting to Forging Conversion

Everyday economic and competitive threats, along with part failures, drive high-strength material users to seek metalworking alternatives.


Discover how Scot Forge can help reduce manufacturing and supply chain costs through forging.


Scot Forge provides certified and technologically advanced testing methods to support production, quality control and research and development.


Scot Forge uses hammers and presses to create parts from small hubs to large complex shapes, always ensuring a 3:1 minimum reduction for a sound center.


Scot Forge can simplify your supply chain by providing finished products machined to your specifications.


Scot Forge can manufacture intricate shapes or contours economically and with shortened lead times by combining forging and torch cutting.

Long-Term Reduced Costs and Shortened Lead Times

With more than 125 years of industry experience, Scot Forge has developed innovative and technical processes that deliver our customers:

  • Reduced manufacturing costs

  • Improved part performance

  • Minimized material waste

  •  Shortened lead times

  • Enhanced quality

  • Reliability

Technically trained Sales and Engineering Teams

Bring custom forging knowledge and expertise to work with you as an extension of your team helping you:

  • Simplifying your manufacturing supply chain

  • Optimizing your manufacturing practices

  • Achieving near-net-shape parts not previously available

  • Evaluating and customizing materials for your application

  • Enhancing design to reduce welding and material inefficiencies

  • Improving part quality and metal integrity

  • Eliminating unnecessary processing

  • Designing parts to take advantage of forging as a superior replacement to alternate metalworking processes

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