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April 11, 2019

Scot Forge Revolutionizes Rig

Scot Forge was able to forge a complex shape of a tension ring in two halves for a major oil rig project. Learn more how Scot Forge assisted this customer.

At Scot Forge, our goal is to exceed customer expectations with every conversation we have, order we process and product we forge. We aim to build long lasting relationships with all of our customers to show each of them they are valued and placed in the capable hands of our dedicated employee owners.

An oil rig requires the use of a tension ring as the point of connection between the tension system and the riser string. The tension ring holds the riser string stable during the drilling and pumping process. These parts are typically made as castings or weldments; however, one of our customers needed an alternative due to lead time and quality issues.

Scot Forge collaborated with our customer to provide an innovative forging solution. Using one of the largest commercially available ingots, Scot Forge was able to forge the complex shape of the tension ring in two halves. The initial forgings were made at our NAF plant and then transferred to our Spring Grove facility for heat treating, testing and machining. As with most projects where we are creating something that has never been done before, there were obstacles. However, we were able to learn as we worked through the issues and ultimately delivered a quality forging within the time frame needed.

Shortly after the piece was finished, the oil and gas industry diminished, but our customer's eyes were opened to Scot Forge's capabilities in forging complex pieces.

Collaboration between our customer and the Scot Forge process, engineering, engineering sales, production and forge development teams, played a crucial role in this project. By everyone working together toward a shared goal, we were able to create a solution to a common pain point.