Open Die Forging Capabilities

Forging Expertise 

Scot Forge employee-owners, coupled with our versatile, custom-built hydraulic presses and the largest ring and planishing mills in the industry, allow us to produce high quality open die, seamless rolled ring and bar forgings. On an annual basis, we invest a significant amount of capital back into our business to improve and expand operations, all based on our customers’ needs.

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Press Forging Advantages

Our employee-owners have decades of experience and the skills to produce complex open and semi-closed die forgings. Additionally, we can produce parts weighing a couple pounds up to 600,000 lbs. in a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials – redundant press capacity provides added assurance for time-critical applications. 

Our presses are engineered and built in-house. This design expertise enables us to have ultimate flexibility and speed throughout the forging process.

See Forge Hammers in Action

Hammer Forging Advantages

We combine the versatility of pneumatic hammers with state-of-the-art heating and manipulating equipment to produce blank, ring, dumbbell, single and double hub forgings in a wide range of shapes and sizes with more than 10,000 loose tools.

Our extensive tooling capabilities and years of experience enable us to offer low-volume prototypes and fast turnaround, often providing a superior value solution as opposed to machined bar stock, weldments or closed die forgings.

See Forge Hammers in Action

Ring Rolling Advantages

Scot Forge can provide seamless rolled rings in single-piece or high-volume quantities as large as 252” O.D., 49" face height with weights up to 65,000 lbs. Our high-tonnage Wagner ring mill allows us to produce straight or contoured rolled rings and our custom-engineered ring stretcher/sizer helps to minimize stock allowances, improve concentricity and cold-work aluminum rings.

See Forge Ring Rolling in Action

Bar Rolling & Bar Planishing Advantages

Scot Forge offers finish rolling (or planishing), which begins as the forged bar goes through one of the four hyperbolic grooves of our custom-engineered GFM bar mill. The desired final dimension is reached after a series of bar rotations and passes through the mill.

The bar rolling/planishing process is used to produce Tartan Bars®, a unique bar product offered only by Scot Forge. These bars are produced by combining a preliminary forging process, consolidating the center with a planishing operation, which provides a smooth rolled surface. We can offer Tartan Bars from 6" to 16". Larger precision forged bars up to 63" diameter can be manufactured on our open die presses.

See Forge Bar Rolling in Action