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Forged to withstand your toughest tests

Open Die Forgings & Rolled Rings

We can produce parts weighing a couple of pounds up to 440,000 lbs. in a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. From a single piece to large quantities, our redundant press capacity ensures your parts get manufactured on time. 

Recognized as the industry leader in open die forging and rolled ring forging, we’re the world’s premier provider of high-quality metal forging solutions. Based in Spring Grove, Illinois, U.S.A, Scot Forge is a metal forging company with a 130-year track record of success.

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Forged Products To Meet Your Expectations

Through the talents and can-do initiatives of our employee-owners, the science of metallurgy and the latest advances in metal forging technology we provide forged products that perform as promised.

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Your Forgings Needs, Our Industry Experts

Work with forging experts who know your needs and challenges and who possess knowledge in your specific industry. Scot Forge creates the precision forged metal parts used in demanding applications all over the world.

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The Advantages Of Open Die Forgings

Learn everything you need to know about the advantages of forging, quoting and buying, terminology and more.

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Innovation - Advance Forging Services

You can reduce manufacturing costs, improve part performance, minimize material waste and shorten lead times when you partner with our Advanced Forging Services. 

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