Hubs/Tooled Forgings

Hubs and tooled forgings

The thousands of in-stock tools at our hammer and press plants provide us with the ability to produce both simple and complex hub near net forgings. As the material fills the tool or tools, directional grain flow is produced, giving strength, ductility, and resistance to impact and fatigue.

These forgings are available in an infinite variety of sizes, ranging from 3" to 144" diameter. With no minimums for stocking grades, you can order single-piece or high-volume quantities of product varying from 1 lb. to 300,000 lbs.

Our practices reduce stock, which improves mechanical capabilities and limits additional machining, making it ideal for prototypes and short-run requirements. Working with our technically trained sales staff, we are oftentimes able to provide a more cost-effective solution than machined bar, weldments, or closed die forgings, all while staying within your specific time constraints.

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