Heavy Duty Hydraulic Forging Presses

We take pride in the fact that we engineer and build our forging presses in-house. Our design expertise enables us to have ultimate flexibility and speed throughout the forging process.

Eight open die hydraulic presses coupled with modern mobile manipulators and the latest in electronics and hydraulics produce a limitless variety of shapes and sizes in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials up to 300,000 lbs. The creativity and skill of our forgemasters allow the versatility to produce complex open and semi-closed die forgings. Industry-leading resources and redundant press capacity provide added assurance for time-critical applications.

Our hydraulic upset forging press produces custom flanged-end forgings in a variety of shapes and lengths. We can upset most simple or complex shapes in a single pass using induction heating elements and automated material handling equipment. The upset forging process system includes a hydraulic upset press, induction heating element and automated material handling equipment.

Press forging equipment

  • 1 - 16,500 ton 4-post press
  • 1 - 5,500 ton 2-post press
  • 1 - 4,500 ton 2-post press
  • 2 - 3,000 ton 2-post press
  • 1 - 2,000 ton 2-post press
  • 2 - 1,250 ton 2-post press
  • 1 - 750 ton 4-post press
  • 1 - 2,000 ton upset press