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A Place Where Everyone Takes Ownership

We're proud to have built a unique culture of employee-owners truly dedicated to providing the best possible quality and service to our customers—and you'll see that ownership attitude and enthusiasm in each member of the Scot Forge team.

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Furthermore, our high school and college interns not only receive this experience but also gain an hourly wage – letting you earn income while learning about the manufacturing industry first-hand.

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Everyone's An Owner

Scot Forge is a 100% ESOP company where each employee, after meeting certain criteria, actually becomes an owner. Having a stake in the profitability of the company fosters a sense of responsibility to get every order correct, handle equipment properly and fully satisfy each customer. It also creates a progressive atmosphere where new and creative ideas for performing job functions are encouraged, as improvements in any area increase the value of the company and each person's share in it.

An All-Salaried Workforce

Scot Forge operates as an all-salaried workforce, meaning that all full-time employees (exempt and non-exempt) are afforded a 40-hour paycheck based on normal business and economic conditions. This policy has greatly contributed to a "team spirit of equality" among all employee-owners.

A Culture Of Continuous Improvement

Scot Forge is a real practitioner of the "continuous improvement process." There is an actual "CIP Leader" whose job is to train employee-owners in how to work on problem solving teams and to understand how valuable and important each of their contributions are to the success of the company.

Earn While You Learn

CNC Machine Operator Internship - Just one of the development opportunities offered at Scot Forge! 

Recognizing & Rewarding Service

For every five years of service, employee-owners are publicly recognized at an awards dinner and, depending on the length of service, receive jeweled Highlander pins, pens, watches or cash. Additionally, in honor of ESOP founder and Chairman of the Board Peter Georgeson, our Peter I. Georgeson Awards recognize fellow workers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the past year. At the annual awards dinner, winners from six categories are recognized and publicly awarded a bronzed Scottish drum major statue and a bronze medallion to put on their hard hats or have framed.

Proudly Plaid

In 1977, the company's name was changed from Atlas Forgings to Scot Forge, and a Scottish highlander became part of the corporate logo. Not only did the new name reflect then-owner Pete Georgeson's cultural roots, it brought a friendlier, more personal image to mind. Along with the new name came a unique sales promotional tool—the wearing of tartan jackets, ties, kilts, scarves and other clothing by the employees. Today, Scot Forge employees are recognized in a crowd with their trademark plaids, and it has brought a certain pride to the employee-owners to be recognized as a member of the "Scot Forge family."

Showing Our True Colors

An in-house "store" carries casual clothing for men, women, children - and even babies - with the Scot Forge logo embroidered or silk-screened on virtually everything from sweatshirts to "kilt liner" shorts. In addition to the traditional tartan jackets and kilts worn for company functions, employee-owners and their families often display their company pride by wearing this casual Scot Forge logo-wear after working hours.

Working Together, Playing Together

Scot Forge builds camaraderie among its employee-owners with a variety of social events including annual picnics, golf outings, bowling competitions, canoe trips, and Christmas parties.

Opportunities To Learn & Grow

Tuition reimbursement and educational incentive programs allow employees the opportunity for advanced skills and knowledge through education and training. Scot Forge reimburses employee-owners classes taken and awards $250 for completing 40 hours of education in a calendar year. These programs give employee-owners incentive to improve oneself and put them in a better position for advancement. The programs promote the importance of education to the individual as well as the organization.

Taken together, these and many other corporate programs and policies foster an environment where the employee-owners naturally want to work towards the common Scot Forge goal of providing total customer satisfaction. It is often said that people make the difference and that is especially so at Scot Forge. The combined creativity, enthusiasm, talent and team spirit shown by the employee-owners forms the basis for Scot Forge's success and leadership in the forging industry.

Committed To Safety Because We Care

Our employee-owners take pride in delivering quality products, on-time, without compromising safety or adversely affecting the environment. By combining teamwork with continuous improvement, we have created a culture focused on sending each employee home uninjured every day.

Year after year, Scot Forge is recognized by OSHA and the Forging Industry Association for our outstanding safety performance because each year we purposefully strive to be safer and better than we have ever been before. In 2019, we were recognized by EHS Today Magazine as one of America's Safest Companies. Our company originally won the award in 2014 becoming the very first forging facility in the United States to receive this safety recognition. Read our Safe Start Success Story.

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