Forged Aluminum Alloys

Forged Aluminum for Excellent Durability & Design Flexibility 

Aluminum is well-suited to several forging techniques and applications as it is light in weight, corrosion resistant, and extremely durable. It also has the capability to acquire its own anticorrosion mechanism to hold up against the environment by creating a seal so the metal does not oxidize when exposed to air. Scot Forge has the capability to forge aluminum to your specific requirements. From creating rings, discs and blanks to complex forged shapes, to semi-closed dies, our metal forging technology creates forged aluminum products that perform as promised.

Often, requested forged aluminum parts do not follow common standards but are made to fit customer requirements. Scot Forge will work according to customers’ property requirements and forging needs. While Aluminum is usually forged to meet customer specifications, Scot Forge does also offer aluminum forgings in the following common alloys:


1100 2618 5083 6061 7079
2014 3003 5086 7039 7175
2024 4032 5383 7050  Highlander 613 ™
2219 5052 5456 7075  


Forged Aluminum Alloy Advantages

Because of its strength, forged aluminum is ideal for applications where performance and safety are of high priority as it can endure intense conditions for a wide variety of industries. Industries that commonly use aluminum forgings include Aerospace and Defense, Marine, Commercial and Military Aviation, Transportation. The Aerospace industry will use forged aluminum for its high strength to weight ratio. Aluminum is very low weight and low density and has excellent thermal conductivity. Beyond the advantages of strength and weight, forged aluminum also provides great toughness, fatigue resistance, general and stress corrosion resistance, and cryogenic properties. Aluminum is a lighter weight metal alloy for use in aircraft and space craft. Its surface finish and design flexibility make aluminum forging an excellent option for a variety of components.

Scot Forge metallurgists, forge engineers and sales engineers can partner with your team to give advice on the following manufacturing practices for proprietary aluminum work:

  • Thermal Mechanical Processing (TMP)
  • Micro-structural and grain size control
  • Engineered micro and macro-structures to meet the specific service conditions and direction of loading
  • Forging and thermal practices
  • Stress relieving for optimal machining and stress corrosion cracking resistance

Benefits of Forged Aluminum

  • Strength to weight ratio
  • Light weight/low density
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Design flexibility
  • Good surface finish
  • Fracture toughness
  • Fatigue and fatigue crack growth
  • Cryogenic properties

Aluminum Forging Capabilities

Our capabilities include eight hydraulic open die presses, four ring mills, six pneumatic hammers, one bar planishing mill and one hydraulic upset press. Scot Forge can produce parts that weigh from 1 lb. to 300,000 lbs. in aluminum materials. Below is a list of our skills for aluminum forging:

  • Round, square or hex bars up to 65” cross section and 10,000 lbs.
  • Unique and innovative forged shapes powered by simulation and CAD software
  • Discs up to 144” O.D. with variable diameter and thickness ratios or combos and 100,000lbs.
  • Single or multiple O.D./I.D. up to 90” O.D. 2” minimum wall thickness and 100,000lbs.
  • Single, doubled or tapered hubs up to 144” O.D. and 100,000lbs.
  • Rolled rings to 252” O.D., 49” height, and 60,000lbs.
  • Open die rings to 144” O.D., 90” height, and 100,000lbs.
  • Semi-closed die powered by CAD and simulation software
  • Step shafts concentric or eccentric to 65” O.D. and up to 100,000 lbs.

In addition, we provide value-added processes such as saw cutting, heat treating, contour torch cutting, destructive testing, metallurgical analysis and Level III nondestructive testing for all aluminum forging.

Quality Assurance

Scot Forge is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified as well as AS9100D and committed to providing outstanding customer satisfaction. Further pursuance of aerospace products has led to NADCAP accreditation in both Heat Treatment for aluminum material and Nondestructive Testing. By developing a personal relationship with Scot Forge, each customer is valued and placed with a qualified team that will see through each aluminum forging delivered from inquiry stage to order placement, expediting and shipping.