Custom Designed Forgings

Reducing manufacturing costs. Improving part performance. Minimizing material waste. Scot Forge offers full consultation and detailed guidance to help you achieve these custom forging goals.

The Scot Forge customer value engineering team brings the knowledge of custom forging experts to work in your plant, helping you to achieve long-term cost reductions and improved lead times through:

  • Evaluation of your manufacturing supply chain
  • Optimizing your manufacturing practices
  • Acquiring near net shape parts not previously available
  • Customizing materials for your application
  • Achieving component reduction
  • Improving part quality and metal integrity
  • Eliminating unnecessary processing
  • Designing parts to take advantage of forging as a superior replacement to alternate metalworking processes

Unique solutions for Custom Forging

See examples of how Scot Forge customers have met demanding product requirements while cutting time, costs and material waste.