Torch or profile cut forging

Torch or profile cut

At Scot Forge, our diverse capabilities and wide array of equipment enable us to manufacture unusually shaped forgings in virtually unlimited configurations. We frequently combine torch cutting, sawing and machining techniques with the forging process to produce uniquely shaped, high-quality parts.

We torch cut special shapes or contours into carbon and alloy forged parts, in thicknesses up to 32" and cross sections ranging between 95" x 144" and 88" x 282".

Between the forging and torch cutting processes, we preheat the material to about 1200°F to minimize the thermal shock of torch cutting, reduce the possibility of cracking the forging and achieve a smooth cut. A 2500°F flame of natural gas and liquid oxygen then cuts the desired shape.

Torch cutting to near net shape saves material and machining costs, and by combining torch cutting with the forging operation, you also get the integrity of a forging without the cost and long lead time often associated with other metalworking processes.

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