Forged Step shafts

Step shafts from Scot Forge

Scot Forge produces guaranteed sound-centered step shafts from ferrous or non-ferrous materials with any combination of round, square, rectangle or polygonal dimensions, concentric or eccentric configurations, and tapers or custom shapes. Parts with major diameters up to 65" or greater can be produced in weights up to 300,000 lbs.

Our skilled craftsmen produce precision-forged step shafts with dimensional uniformity that other shops can only achieve by rough machining.

The process begins when an entire piece is forged to the major diameter and a fuller tool is used to mark the next step. Then we forge that next step to a smaller diameter or taper to create contoured, directional grain flow, thereby giving the part greater strength and fatigue resistance.

Our Clinton, WI, plant specializes in custom flanged-end shafts with heads that are upset in a variety of shapes, including single, tapered or multiple-diameter.

In addition, our step shaft forging capabilities provide significant cost and material savings when compared to machined bar step shaft production. We can supply step shaft, precision forged or rough machined, which can also be drilled, bored or trepanned.

Step shaft process highlights

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1. Hot billet being rounded under the press

Image Alt Text

2. A "fuller" tool starts the stepping process

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3. Forging the step down to size

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4. Planishing to achieve a smooth surface, keeping stock allowance to a minimum

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5. Manipulator holding the finished forged spindle

Upset flanged-end shaft process highlights

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1. Starting material is delivered to the induction heating element and heated to forging temperature

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2. Once at temperature the material is moved to the upset press

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3. Single pass upset produces the desired flanged-end shape

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4. The automated material handling equipment delivers the upset product to the cooling bed

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