Semi-closed die Forging

Thanks to computer-aided design, close customer collaboration and creative forging techniques, Scot Forge has pioneered "semi-closed die" forgings—a process that combines the advantages of open die forging with the near-net shape of closed die forging.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our Forging Development Team of engineers works to convert previous fabrications or castings into near-net shape forgings of higher quality.

Collaborating closely with customers, the team runs sophisticated simulation and modeling software to tailor a forging process that optimizes time/cost savings. This software also allows for process validation prior to actual manufacturing, reducing risk and ensuring the success of each project.

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1. Upsetting starting material

Image Alt Text

2. Filling out the tools

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3. Centering punch to pierce hole

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4. Dimensional inspection of finished part

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