Open Die & Seamless Rolled Rings

Rolled ring forging

Scot Forge is capable of manufacturing open die rings of 144" O.D., 90" height, with weights up to 300,000 lbs. as well as rolled rings of 252" O.D., 49" height, with weights up to 60,000 lbs. in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The forging process produces rings with controlled grain flow, which gives strength and resistance to impact and fatigue not found in rings torch cut from plate, or rolled and welded.

If you need rings in a hurry, Ringmasters, our joint venture in Wayne, Michigan, offers deliveries in as little as 5 business days. This speed-to-market solution boasts a success rate of over 95% with a perceived quality of 99%.

Delivering tailored solutions

  • Small or large quantities of open die or rolled rings
  • Up to 252" maximum outside diameter
  • Up to 49" maximum face height
  • Rolled ring weights to 60,000 lbs., open die weights to 300,000 lbs.
  • Ring segmenting, parting and splitting
  • Custom-designed heat treat, machining, sawing and material handling equipment for complete in-house ring processing
  • Guaranteed delivery programs

Open die ring process highlights

To produce open die rings, material is first upset, then pierced to form an inside diameter. The ring is then drawn over a mandrel, if necessary, to achieve desired dimensions.

Rolled ring process highlights

To produce a rolled ring, a preform is made by upsetting and piercing a hole on center. This preform is then placed on a ring mill and, through radial and axial pressure, is opened up to desired dimensions.

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