Petrochemical Forgings & Oil and Gas Forgings


Extract Natural Resources with Confidence

In a fast-paced industry where part failure is not an option, Scot Forge provides solutions. Years of experience and a knack for innovation have enabled our blacksmiths, engineers and account managers to push the boundaries of forging and metalworking technology to meet the stringent and evolving requirements of the oil and gas industry. From onshore to offshore, subsea, midstream or downstream, the Scot Forge Oil & Gas Services Team is committed to meeting the requirements of your industry and exceeding your expectations.

Petrochemical and Refinement Component Design

The Scot Forge Oil & Gas Services Team, paired with the expertise of our in-house metallurgists, are here to help you design and manufacture components that you can rely on, under even the harshest of conditions including pressure and caustic chemicals. Our decades of experience, along with the time-tested relationships we have built with finishing shops, gives us the ability to help you reduce your material costs and supply chain needs.

Oil & Gas Forged Components

  • Riser, keel and stress joints
  • Kelly mandrels, reamer bodies
  • Drill heads
  • Bails
  • Tension rings
  • Casing hangers
  • WYE blocks
  • Custom flanges
  • Pinions and bull gears
  • Pump bodies
  • Ram and annular blowout preventers (bodies, doors/bonnets)
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Reasons to Choose Scot Forge for Forged Subsea Components

Dedicated Technical Experts Who Have Served the Industry for Decades

Our technically trained Oil & Gas Services Team, backed by our forging development and world-class metallurgists, work hand-in -hand with your team to provide the support you need to keep rigs running. We strive for product and process improvements that reduce supply chain needs, increase speed to market and solve the biggest problems.

We understand your need for a supplier with expert knowledge of your industry and your specific component requirements. Scot Forge’s Oil & Gas Services Team will assist you in meeting your design challenges and program objectives with clear communications from order status to milestone achievements.

Our Time-Tested Reliability

At Scot Forge, we constantly monitor the progress of production orders to provide the highest level of delivery reliability and communication. From initial contact to part delivery, your subsea forgings will be attended to by experts who provide world-class project management and care about your program as much as you do. From challenging, job-specific hardware to full-scale production runs, we've got you covered! Additionally, our scheduling system and abundant manufacturing capacity allow for daily entry of emergency orders for immediate production in rush or breakdown situations.

Our High-Volume and Targeted Inventory

We maintain an extensive inventory of material commonly used for oil and gas applications, including 8630, F22, 4130, 4330V, and various other modified grades tailored to meet API and customer-specific requirements. We have extensive experience working with carbon, alloy, stainless steel (austenitic, martensitic, duplex, super duplex and PH grades), copper base, nickel base, aluminum and titanium. This ready inventory and experience eliminate many of the delays associated with order processing. So you get the exact material you need when you need it.

Value-Added Options

We offer all downstream value-added processes including:

Accreditations and Compliance

In addition to the ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, we are certified to AS9100D and Nadcap, for NDE and heat treat. When specified by contract, we can meet virtually any custom open die or rolled ring forging requirement. The Scot Forge Oil & Gas Services Team is well-versed in pre- and post-award requirements, from material process plans to NDE procedures and inspection test plans.

Our experience working with third-party agencies and quality auditors ensures your certification is complete, accurate and on time. Due to years of experience working directly with ABS, our knowledge and understanding of the industry's specifications are unmatched.

Additionally, we hold special process approvals from many of the world's premier Oil & Gas companies.

We Are There When You Need Us for Oil & Gas Components

At Scot Forge, we understand that your industry and market conditions are constantly changing. With more demanding and complex requirements, we know that partnering with your company means more than just the occasional phone call. Scot Forge has dozens of sales engineers and representative experts throughout the world ready to learn more about your project face to face.

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