Heat Treat Forging

Each Scot Forge facility houses its own heat treat department. Our dedicated employee-owners work three shifts, around the clock to deliver a superior product for our customers. Nine custom-designed quenchant systems work in tandem with over 53 furnaces and specialized material handing equipment.

We are able to heat treat parts up to 76' long or 20' in diameter, including vertical heat treatment up to 110" long.

Forging heat treatment services include normalizing, annealing, quenching, tempering, stress relieving, spheroidize annealing, solution annealing/solution heat treating and straightening. Additionally, Scot Forge has the ability to apply Nadcap heat treat process controls and procedures to aluminum materials.

Forging Heat Treatment

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Thermal Treating Equipment

  • 51 - Car bottom, tip-up, and pit furnaces with capacities to 76 ft long or 20 ft in diameter
  • 4 - Specialized aluminum heat treating furnaces, handling shapes to 20 ft wide by 65 inches tall
  • 1 - Drop bottom furnace specializing in aluminum product 21 ft in diameter and 53 inches tall with a load capacity of 30,000 lbs.

Polymer & Water Quench Facilities

  • 1 - 50,000 gallon water quench tank, specializing in bars and hollows up to 30ft.
  • 1 - 156,000 gallon polymer quench tank, specializing in bars and hollows up to 30ft.
  • 1 - 42,000 gallon polymer & water quench pit tank, specializing in rings to 20 ft diameter
  • 1 - 52,000 gallon polymer & water quench tank, handling all shapes to 6 ft wide by 45 ft long
  • 1 - 8,000 gallon water quench tank, handling shapes up to 12 ft diameter
  • 1 - 6,000 gallon polymer quench tank, handling up to 10 ft diameter
  • 2 - 75,000 gallon quench tanks (1 water & 1 polymer), handling up to 21 ft in diameter for aluminum product heated in drop bottom furnace
  • 2 - Quench tanks (1 water & 1 polymer) for 60,000 gallons each or 127,000 gallons combined and 436 inches wide each or 978 inches combined.