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Scot Forge makes history.png
October 23, 2014

Scot Forge Makes History

Company News
Joining the ranks of other prominent companies such as Honeywell International, Caterpillar Inc., Lockheed Martin, ExxonMobile and Alcoa, Scot Forge becomes the first ever forging company in the United States to receive this honor.
July 16, 2014

Scot Forge breaks ground

Company News
Scot Forge commences work on the addition of a new office building at its Spring Grove, IL location. With the new building construction underway, excitement is palpable among the employee-owners at Scot Forge.
Scot Forge Continues Growth plans.png
January 15, 2014

Scot Forge continues growth plans

Company News
Scot Forge has embarked on its eighteenth major plant expansion at the Spring Grove, IL headquarters.
New State of the Art 90mn press for North American Forgemasters.png
August 15, 2013

New State of the Art 90MN Press for North American Forgemasters

Company News, Industry Updates
Ellwood Group Inc. and Scot Forge are expanding the capabilities of North American Forgemasters (NAF) in New Castle, PA, marking the second chapter in the 50-50 joint venture partnership between the two companies. NAF was established by the two partners in 1997 when together they built a 4,500 ton open die forging press.
NASA Curiosity Lands On Mars.png
September 1, 2012

NASA Curiosity lands on Mars. Scot Forge Provides the Traction

Company News, Industry Updates
History was made at 12:31am Monday, August 5th, 2012 on the fourth planet in this solar system as NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity descended to a picture-perfect rocket-guided and slowed descent to a gentle, wheels-first, sky crane touchdown on the surface of the Red Planet.
Forging Takes Flight.png
June 27, 2004

Forging Takes Flight - Space Travel is Redefined

Company News, Industry Updates
SpaceDev (Poway, CA) and Scot Forge worked together to make the dream of private space flight a reality, moving quickly from drawing board to launching pad.
Forgings support retractable roof-moving system for seatle mariners new ballpark.png
January 15, 2004

Forgings support retractable roof-moving system for Seattle Mariners' new ballpark

Company News, Customer Stories
Forgings support Seattle Mariners' new ballpark roof. Forged gear pinions, bull gear rings, wheels axle pins, and connecting pins provide the strength needed to support the outdoor park's 11,000-ton retractable roof.
Forging Helps Preserve Maritime History.png
August 18, 2003

Forgings Help Preserve Maritime History

Company News
An 8-ton forged master cylinder, with a forged piston and end caps, helped relocate the historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The cylinder was used in the largest U.S.-built jack to save the 208-foot beacon — the world's tallest brick lighthouse — from an eroding shore.
Steel bars combine forging and rolling.png
April 4, 2003

Steel Bars Combine Forging and Rolling

Company News, Industry Updates
Scot Forge’s Tartan Bars feature a fully consolidated forged center, and a surface that is finished by multiple-pass rolling.Combining forging and rolling cuts press time in half; produces short runs in short order.