Metalworking alternatives

Metalworking alternative open-die forging

Forgings can deliver better part strength compared to machined bar, torch cut plate, weldments, fabrications, or castings while saving cost, time, machining labor, and material. Another advantage of forgings is that they are ideal for high quality, safety critical applications, restricted mechanical properties, or special sizes.

Forging Advantages:

What you gain when you select our forgings

  • Stronger parts than those produced by other metalworking processes due to the elimination of porosity, contoured grain flow, and fine grain size
  • Near net shape parts with less material waste and cost for low quantity orders
  • Efficient production methods utilizing in-house tooling
  • Multi-component fabrications can be combined into single piece forgings, resulting in reduced process time
  • Customized shapes and sizes in a wide variety of grades
  • The technical expertise of our sales staff, metallurgists, and forging engineers to help discover ways that reduce costs and improve lead times

Material savings