Bar rolling and planishing

The bar rolling/planishing process is used to produce Tartan Bars®, a unique bar product offered only by Scot Forge. These bars are produced by combining a preliminary forging process, consolidating the center with a planishing operation, which provides a smooth rolled surface.

Finish rolling (or planishing) begins as the forged bar goes through one of the four hyperbolic grooves of our custom-engineered GFM bar mill. The desired final dimension is reached after a series of bar rotations and reversing passes through the grooves. Using this process, we can offer Tartan Bars from 6" to 16". Larger precision forged bars up to 63" diameter can be manufactured on our open die presses.

Bar rolling/planishing mill equipment

  • Braun hot abrasive cut-off saw
  • Automated stamping system
  • Cooling bed
  • GFM horizontal rolling mill stand CCR 830 HP
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