Forged round bars

Whether you need just one, hundreds or thousands of custom round bar forgings, Scot Forge provides parts with sizes ranging from 3" up to 65". Our forged round bars are suited for multiple applications and industries, including infrastructure, machining, shipbuilding, gears, and oil and gas.

Dedication To Production

With facilities dedicated to the production of bar, including forged steel round bar, Scot Forge delivers quality forged steel round bars with reliable and consistent lead times to meet your most exacting specifications and testing requirements.

Process Highlights

  • Forged sound centers with a 3-to-1 minimum reduction
  • As rolled, as forged, lathe-turned or peeled surfaces
  • No minimum buys on stocking grades
  • Custom sizes to minimize excess stock
  • 1/8" in 5 ft. or better straightness
  • Bar peeler for bars 4" up to 16.25" round
  • Poreba lathe for bars >16.25"


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Common Material Grades

1010 Forged Bar
1018 Forged Bar
1020 Forged Bar
1021 Forged Bar
17-4 PH Forged Bar
304 SS Forged Bar
304L Forged Bar
310 Forged Bar
316 Forged Bar
317 Forged Bar
321 Forged Bar
4130 Forged Bar
4140 Forged Bar
4150 Forged Bar
4340 Forged Bar
9310 Forged Bar

See Material Availability for a full selection of on-hand grades or email us to request more information!

Common Forged Round Bar Diameters

16" Forged Bar
20" Forged Bar
26" Forged Bar
30" Forged Bar
42" Forged Bar
45" Forged Bar
54" forged Bar
59" Forged Bar
62" Forged Bar
65" Forged Bar
All of our precisely forged bars are custom-made with rough and rolled finished available, email us today to forge what you can't find. 

Requirement Adherence Capabilities

Aerospace Requirements

ABS Rules & Regulations


Defense Requirements


Lloyd's Register


Purity Requirements (VAR & ESR)

10CFR Part 21

10CFR50 Appendix B

Forgings meeting these requirements must be contracted.