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Scot Forge Videos

Scot Forge has numerous videos and movie clips to help you learn more about us. Our video library includes clips on our corporate environment, processes and products.

For a complete overview you may view our 8 minute "One Stop Forge Shop" movie. We also have an interactive version of this movie in which you can pick the areas that interest you.

Corporate Videos
One Stop Forge Shop - Full Movie (8 minutes)18.2 mb
One Stop Forge Shop - Interactive Movie
Introduction 3.0 mb Heat Treating 2.0 mb
Employee Stock Ownership Plan 2.4 mb Machining 1.7 mb
Products 1.7 mb Shape Masters 1.6 mb
Plants 2.0 mb Quality Assurance 2.3 mb
Inventory 2.2 mb Proactive Partnership® 2.3 mb
Hammers and Presses 1.8 mb Specialty Alloy Services 2.3 mb
Planishing 1.6 mb Services 1.5 mb
Rings 1.6 mb Message from the President 1.8 mb
Furnaces and Manipulators 1.9 mb Conclusion 1.2 mb
Flexibility 2.1 mb    

Process Videos
Hammers 3.2 mb Ring Mills 3.0 mb
Presses 3.2 mb Planishing Mill 5.0 mb

Product Videos
One Stop Forge Shop for Bars - Full Movie (6 minutes)15.8 mb  
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