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Metalworking Alternatives

Ever wonder if there's a better, less costly way to produce your metal parts?
There is! Forging can be an excellent alternative to such processes as machined bar, torch cut plate, weldments, fabrications, castings or centrifugal castings — often helping you increase part strength while providing savings in cost, time, machining labor, and material. It can also be an ideal solution when you are searching for high quality, critical performance specifications, restricted mechanical properties, or special sizes.

The advantages of switching to forging can include:

  • Stronger parts than those produced by any other metalworking process, due to forging's continuous directional grain flow
  • Near net shape parts with less material waste and cost
  • Efficient production methods and component reduction, resulting in reduced turnaround times
  • A wide variety of sizes and shapes in an almost unlimited range of grades
Our expert metallurgists and sales engineers can work with you to maximize the performance of your critical parts while helping you realize production cost efficiencies. These production efficiencies can involve replacing multi-component weldments with single- or reduced-component forgings...modifying a specification to improve process efficiencies...and forging to near net shape to attain optimum mechanical properties, while realizing weight and machine time savings.

Want to see case studies? Examples of savings? Comparisons of forging to other processes? Then see the following links to various other pages throughout this website.

Forging Does it Better
  • Our Comparative Analysis Chart helps you compare forging with other processes in such areas as structural strength, cost, turnaround, and more.


Comparative Analysis Chart

Proactive Partnership


Proactive Partnership Case Studies

Money Saving Tips

  • Our Money Saving Tips pages present ways to produce various shapes in which the forging process can save costs over other metalworking methods.
  • Hubs - Discover ways to lower material costs and improve quality using forged hub solutions, versus machining stock or flame cutting plate.
  • Torch Cut Parts - Just some of the benefits of torch cut forging solutions are greater utility of material, less waste, and reduced cost.
  • Hollows - Get lower cost, consistent quality, and quicker delivery with forged hollow solutions, versus centrifugal castings.
  • Rings - Reduce material cost, greater versatility, and improved quality with forged ring solutions, versus flame cutting a ring from plate.
  • Spindles - You can reduce material waste, decrease machining time, and reduce freight costs with forged stepdown solutions, versus machining a solid bar.
Scot Forge Money Saving Tips

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