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Scot Forge Customizes ProductsScot Forge customizes products for diverse markets--from metal service centers and job shops, to end-use markets like printing and mining.

So whether you need a forged shaft for a shipbuilding requirement, or a forged hub that meets an AMS spec for a gear application, we can help you. With our vast inventory … flexible shapes and quantities … breakdown service … and value-added options from "as-forged" to rough machined and heat treated parts … Scot Forge provides a single source for many different industry needs.

Following are just some of the markets we serve:
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Engine and Turbine
  • Fabricated Metal
  • Food Product Machinery
  • Forging
  • Gear/Power Transmission
  • General Industrial Machinery
  • Machine/Job Shop
  • Metalworking Machinery
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas Field
  • Nuclear
  • Paper, Print Trade
  • Power Generation
  • Primary Metals
  • Service Centers
  • Shipbuilding

Some commonly forged part applications for the above markets include high quality drive shafts, gear rims, pinions, couplings, sleeves, flanges, hubs, rams, cylinder rods, tube sheets, heat exchanger bodies, ship shafts, rudder stock and suspension components. Other applications include eye bolts, pins, pistons, nuts, drill bits and heads, kelly bars, rolls, end journals, nozzles, retaining rings, tire rims and many more.

For the following markets, we offer further detail on our capabilities as they relate to each of these markets:

Casting Wheel
Forging Industry
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydro Applications
Machine Shops
Offshore Drilling
Paper Converting
Power Generation
Sugar Mills
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