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Hydraulic Cylinder

What supplier provides single sourcing for heavy-duty forged hydraulic cylinder components... from cylinder bodies to pistons to end caps...including in-house heat treating, machining, and drilling?

Scot Forge does! We have the large-sized billets, the extensive material inventory, and the production capabilities to handle a variety of hydraulic cylinder needs.

Just call Scot Forge!

The Benefits of Working with Scot Forge
Forged Parts for the Hydraulic Cylinders

Forged shapes...
  • Cylinder, hollow, tube, barrel, body, housing
  • Rod, rod eye, piston,
    rod spherical bushing,
    rod clevis
  • End cap, clevis, blank,
    base clevis, base eye,
    base spherical bushing, tang

    For these standard and custom hydraulic cylinders

  • Telescopic (single and double acting)
  • Extend and retract lock
  • Pushout, tilt, and
    container ram
  • Double rod end
  • Lift, bucket, and boom
  • Motion compensator
Single Source Responsibility
From one shop, Scot Forge can coordinate the production of cylinder parts to meet your timing and requirements. Whether you need cylinder barrels, housings, rods, clevis parts, or end caps—and whether you need them “as forged,” rough machined, drilled, heat treated, or tested—Scot Forge can do it all. So you can prevent the delays and quality problems that arise with multiple suppliers.

Flexible Sizes, Shapes, and Quantities
You can order 1 forging or many, in part weights from 5 lbs. to 80,000 lbs. We provide spindles, blanks, bars, and custom shapes, as well as
hollows up to 70" O.D. and 30' long.

A Vast Inventory of Materials
Unlike other shops, Scot Forge maintains extensive quantities of large-sized billets in hydraulic cylinder quality grades. We stock carbon, alloy, stainless, and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. This ready inventory of materials allows us to process your order the moment you call.

Rough machine closed-end hollowFast Delivery and Breakdown Service
Because we know you can't afford expensive delays in the field, we deliver parts quickly. And in case of breakdowns, our scheduling system allows for daily entry of emergency orders for immediate production response.

Fast Quotes
Our knowledgeable sales staff provides fast
quotes—sometimes right over the phone.

Forging Advantages

Directional Grain Flow
The forging process produces directional grain flow that results in superior mechanical properties, when compared with castings or weldments.

Single Component Construction
Today’s advanced forging processes can yield unlimited configurations never before considered. These processes can reduce parts from multi-component fabrications to single-component forgings that are higher in strength.

Material Savings
The hollow forging process producescylinders with forged versus drilled inside diameters. This reduces material waste and eliminates an unnecessary process, while improving properties.

Case Study: Scot Forge Produces Master Cylinder
Components for Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Relocation

Component Reduction Success

Scot Forge can decrease costs and lead times by reducing the number of part components. For example, a cylinder rod for an off-road shovel was previously made from a cast head welded to a hot rolled bar.

Problems included:
  • Casting proved too weak for the application.
  • The need for welding lengthened process times.
  • Excessive loads on the cast head caused part failures.
The forging solution:
  • One-part production of the head and shaft.
  • The strength and structural integrity of forging met demanding requirements.
  • The elimination of welding has shortened production.
  • The forged head is able to withstand excessive loads.
Scot Forge's hydraulic cylinder components played an important role in the relocation of the world's tallest brick lighthouse, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina. The forged components were used to build an 8-ton master cylinder for the largest unified hydraulic jacking system ever built in the U.S. The massive jacking system and the unmatched structural strength of forging were required in order to move the 4,800 ton lighthouse from an eroding beachfront. The 208-foot beacon, which has warned ships of shallow sandbars since 1870, was to be moved 2,900 feet to a new foundation.

Strength was Critical
The jacking system, manufactured by Jahns Structure Jacking System (JSJS) required a master cylinder with the highest strength to prevent a failure.
The complete cylinder consists of an 8,130 lb. “blind hole” forging into which the piston retracts, a 4,450 lb. forged piston, and a 3,150 lb. forged end plate. In operation, the master cylinder pushes 60 displacement cylinders mani-folded through the end plate to individual jacks.

Production Reinforcements
Scot Forge's hollow forging process technique reinforced the strength of the blind hole cylinder by working the material (1045 carbon steel, normalized) around a pin to create the hole, rather than boring the cylinder after the initial forging process. The forged construction eliminated internal voids and produced predictable directional grain flow characteristics for maximum structural integrity and metallurgical soundness.

Scot Forge is proud to have contributed to the successful relocation of the historic lighthouse, which is now guiding ships from a solid new foundation.

Comparative Analysis
When Compared to… Open Die and Rolled Ring Forged Metal Parts Deliver…
  • Superior and more consistent metallurgical properties
  • Reduced labor, rejection and rework/replacement costs
  • Stronger parts due to the elimination of welds
  • Single-piece design and inspection efficiencies
  • Simplified production requirements
When Compared to… Open Die and Rolled Ring Forged Metal Parts Deliver…
Centrifugal Castings
  • Continuous grain flow for the optimum combination of fatigue strength and toughness
  • More predictable response to heat treating
  • Greater near net part design flexibility, reducing machining time
  • Cost savings with the elimination of die, mold, and set-up costs
  • Sound, quality, rejection-free parts with structural integrity

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